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Healing from Sexual Trauma

Many clients come to see me because of symptoms due to either molest, rape or other sexual trauma. Two weeks ago, I talked about types of sexual trauma and last week I talked about how sexual trauma can affect sexuality.

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Communication: Bickering, Yelling, Withdrawing, and Suppressing

It’s only fair to share… Ever have a simple item of discussion turn into a multiple hour fight? What should have been a simple chat, becomes another battle; and by the end of it, you’re no closer together. I see it all the time with the couples I help. It ...

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The Most Important Element Of Communication Nobody Talks About

It’s only fair to share… Say “I” statements. Don’t be defensive. Repeat the words that your partner said. These are a few of the things people hear at basic communication seminars or what they read in communication articles. That is all well and good except that there is something that ...

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Sex in the Older Years

It’s only fair to share… If we take good care of ourselves, our sexual system can outlast just about every organ system we have. People have the opportunity to enjoy sexual pleasure well into their older years. Couples that have attended to their relationship through the years can enjoy lovemaking ...

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6 Ways To Cultivate Better Relationships For More Happiness

What does it take to be happy? Happiness means a wide variety of things and circumstances to most of us, but almost invariably there is a relationship involved. We want to share our lives. Millions of dollars are spent by consumers who do what people do–seek the connection that makes ...

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Sexuality at Middle Age

Continuing the July theme of Sexuality Through the Years, this brief blog article discusses sexuality at middle age. Middle age is a pretty loose term. For most of us, it covers the time of having adolescent and young adult children, beginnings of perimenopause and menopause, and being empty nesters. Having ...

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Ready for Love? Show tonight featuring Yours Truly!

We will discuss maintaining or adding more passion and intimacy to your long term relationship. Why is it hard to keep passion alive? How to develop “emotional muscle”? Have effective communication Perceptions of your partner What is romance? Keep romance alive in relationship Be courageous & experimental Turn up the ...

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Sexuality Through the Years

Sexuality is an important aspect for us throughout our lives. Watch this video to see how it evolves through the decades. I cover the transitions of life before kids, through kids, physiological changes, on up to maintaining a sexual connection with your partner past the 80s! I’ve included some tips ...

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Relationships are everything!

As you know, I am passionate and helping people in intimate relationships rediscover and increase their passion. Below are a few examples of what I do: I see couples in person and via Skype to help them overcome their barriers to nurturing, alive relationships I do teleseminars and occasion live ...

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